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Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Today I'm going to review five of my favourite favourites that I have been reaching for lately from the drugstore. They range from light coverage, to full coverage and are all available at priceline, so they won't hurt your wallet.

 Loreal Nude Magique
This is an extremely runny, water like product. You have to be extremely careful  when getting this foundation out of the bottle, as it runs everywhere! I find this is best applied by dotting small bits of foundation all over my face, and then using a large stipple brush to blend it in. If you have dry skin, you don't really need to powder, as it sets naturally to a powder finish. This is a product that looks better the longer you wear it. It's matte when it's first applied, but as the day goes on, it looks beautifully glowy and dewy. Even though it is a powder finish foundation, it's certainly something that can be lightly builded upon to achieve a medium coverage. I have the shade 120 Pure Ivory. It looks quite dark in the bottle, but as it is such a thin and runny consistency, it doesn't look as dark on the skin. It retails for around $24.95 at Priceline, Target and Myer in Australia. 

The next is a cult favourite. The Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. This is a medium coverage foundation, but is very easily builable to a full coverage. It has a lovely fruity scent, which makes applying this product a dream. This glides right on the skin as it is a thinner product. This foundation may not last too well on oily skin, as it is more of a satin/dewy finish. On my dry skin, it does last all day when set with a powder, but does end up a little dewy at the end of the day. This retails for around $30 at Priceline, and a bit cheaper on ASOS. I would highly recommend this foundation, along with the Healthy Mix Serum version, it's lighter weight, lower coverage sister.
The Healthy Mix Serum is a fantastic foundation as well. It offers light to medium coverage, with a dewy finish, and it offers a natural glow. Both these two foundations are very yellow toned, so if you fake tan, these foundations are what you're probably looking for. 

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse is a satin finish foundation on my dry skin. I no longer use this foundation all the time, but as I used it for years straight, I have a thorough understanding on how this works for me and how it works on my skin. This isn't a very long lasting foundation and tends to get dewy faster than other foundations, even when using a matte primer. The reason why Iike this product is that it builds coverage incredibly well and provides an extremely smooth base. This retails for around $22 and I use the shade Light 4 Nude, when I'm tanned. This is a pretty good foundation if you have normal/dry skin, but I think would be a nightmare if you have oily skin. 

The next product is a great full coverage foundation. This is a favourite of many people worldwide. It is the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation. I have the shade 805 (as well as many other shades), which is no longer available in Australia (Don't say it is.. Trust me, I've looked everywhere..). This colour is fantastic if you're porcelain skinned, as it is extremely pale and doesn't oxidise. This foundation lasts a very long time when set with a powder, and lasts on me 10 hours plus without even need to touch up my powder, let alone the actual foundation. I wouldn't say it lives up to it's claims; a foundation, primer and concealer in one.. But it certainly does cover a lot and lasts a long time.. So I guess it sort of lives up to the claim. This is a well hyped up product for a reason. Most matte, long lasting foundations work better on oily skin.. Yet this works on pretty much every skin type, which in my opinion is awesome. This is only $19.95 from Priceline, Woolworths, Coles, Target and Kmart. 

The last foundation is the Revlon Nearly Naked which I do have a picture of. This is a very light weight and runny product and comes in a large variety of colours and tones. I have the shade 110 Ivory when I'm pale, and 170 when I'm tanned. This is a close dupe in my opinion to Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I compared the Revlon Nearly naked in 110 Ivory to Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc, and not only are they extremely similar in colour and consistency, but also  in formula. This is an incredible foundation, hence why I own four bottles of it.. I have a preference for light weight, thin and runny foundations, so this certainly works for all my expectations in a foundation. This costs around $26.95 from Target, Chemist Warehouse and Priceline. I LOVE this product to death and will probably always continue to purchase it.

These may not be your favourite products.. But I hope this gives an insight into what foundations I love and continuely purchase and use. 
Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday night. Xx

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