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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Mac Cosmetics Starter Guide - My Top Picks

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Mac Cosmetics. Their extensive range of products, formulas and colours.. But for those new to the Mac Cosmetics scene it could be a bit overwhelming to say the least. 

This is a guide of my top picks out of the Mac range, for those who want to try Mac without wasting their money on bad products, or for those who want to simply expand their growing collection. 

These items are extremely popular worldwide and would work on most people. 

The first is Studio Fix Fluid foundation. This is an extremely full coverage, matte finish foundation. This product covers up everything you could even think of covering up. It has a bad smell of paint, but when applied to the face, the smell disappears. If you're looking for a good foundation that will never fail you, try studio fix. For most people, it isn't an everyday foundation, but it is perfect for when you want a flawless complexion. This retails for $49AU at Mac Counters and I have the shade NC15. 

The next product is also in the Studio Fix line, and it is the Studio Fix Foundation powder. This is a foundation powder, so you can use it as your base, or you can use it lightly to set foundation for a flawless finish. I have the shade NC15. I normally wouldn't spend $49AU on a powder, but this is an exception. Their colour range is fantastic, and this is one of the only powders I have ever come across that matches my alabaster pale skin. Be careful though, if you're planning on using this to set foundation, you need to use a light hand or this can look real cakey, real fast. 

The next product is my absolute holy grail concealer. It is Mac Prolongwear. I'm sure you have all heard of this little wonder, but if you haven't got it in your life yet, you definitely need to. This retails for AU $32. This is the third tube I have purchased, as it is just that good. It offers full coverage concealing, but with an extremely thin, runny formula, so it doesn't crease or cake under the eyes. I think this is a product that I will continue to purchase forever, as it's the best concealer that I have ever come across. 
I have the shade NW15. 

The next product is an eye product. This is the Paintpot in 'Painterly'. It is an eyeshadow base that doesn't budge, crease or fade. This particular colour is a pink toned, flesh colour, perfect for concealing and priming the eye for eyeshadow application or simply to wear alone. Whenever I use any of the Mac Paintpots, my eyeshadows don't budge at all, all day. You certainly don't have to get the colour 'Painterly' though, 'Soft Ochre' is available for yellow undertoned beauties, and there is also a good variety of coloured paint pots to use alone instead of eyeshadow or as a coloured base. These retail for around $32-35AU. My favourite coloured paint pots are 'Indian Wood' - a golden mid toned brown, and 'Rubenesque', a beautiful peachy, rose gold shade.

Another thing Mac is widely renowned for is their lipsticks. I have about 17 of them, and none of them I regret purchasing. They retail for $36AU and have a wide array of colours and finishes, from matte to glossy. They all glide right on without patchiness, even the matte shades. They all also have a delicious vanilla scent, which you can sort of taste on the lips, rather than the taste of chemicals with cheaper lipsticks. These are a personal favourite of mine, and my collection is ever growing. 

As pictured: Left to right - Girl About Town, Rebel and Happy-Go-Lucky. 

Now if you are a highlighter junkie like me, you won't be able to walk past this little gem. This is the Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. A beautiful champagne highlight with a little bit of pink in it. This is another of Mac's iconic products. I have had this for over a year and have barely put a dent in it. It retails for $47 dollars and is just stunning! 

The last item on the list is eye colours. If you're a fan of pigments, then look no further than Mac Pigments. They will literally last you a lifetime. They retail for $39 and have a beautiful array of colours. 
This beautful little gem is 'Copper Sparkle'. 

Hope this post was helpful if you're a bit lost on what Mac products are fantastic and are worth the money. As a fellow makeup junkie, I hate wasting money on products that are below par. 



  1. You have 17 lipsticks?!? omg. Jealous. i have 6... :(

  2. Great post thanks for all the info! Im just starting to grow my mac collection and it's definitely addicting! lol :)

  3. Once you buy one thing from mac, you just can't stop haha