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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner - Review

There has been a lot of hype about Benefit Cosmetics' latest release into the world wide market - The new 'Push Up Liner'. This liner is very innovative. I myself, am a very big fan of gel liner, and have used it for years. I prefer it over a liquid eyeliner, so when this was released of course I was very curious to give this new product a try. 

First of all, it has sleek packaging, with a twisting opening. I enjoy the fact that you have to twist the top to open the product because if you take this product on-the-go, the cap won't come off and you won't damage/waste the product. 

The very tip of the applicator, unlike a regular eyeliner pen/stick, is shaped like a thin angled brush, so creating a nice wing is very easily achievable. The tip is also made out of a flexible, yet firm rubber. The applicator holds down the lashes so they don't get in the way when applying the product, which is sometimes a problem when using other eyeliner products. 

The product itself is very creamy for a gel liner. A lot of people say this product is dry, but if you're a regular user of gel liners, you'll find this product is extremely smooth. It's very easy and smooth to apply. One thing I do not like about this product though, is that if you want to go over a part of the eyeliner you have already applied, if the liner has dried, it can take off the liner that is already there and become a little patchy. But it isn't a problem that's hard to fix. 

I think this product would be hard to use if you're after very subtle, very thin line. As the applicator isn't as precise as the likes of a lot of liquid eyeliner brushes/pens on the market. On first use of this liner, it was hard to not make the line dramatic. 

Overall, this is a great, innovative product that is certainly ahead of the pack in terms of packaging and innovation. The formula is good, and is one of the best gel liner formulas I have used. But.. I honestly don't think it's worth the hefty $35AU price tag that it will set you back. It is a great product, but for the price, there are better gel liners, such as the Rimmel Scandaleyes gel liner or the one by Maybelline, but if you're after an easy application, without the need for a brush, this product is for you.


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