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Monday, 21 July 2014

Benefit Cosmetics Oxygen Wow Foundation - Review

Hey everyone, 
A lot of you asked on my Instagram for a review on this foundation, which I know a heap of you are curious about, which is the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation. 

First of all, this foundation is a little pricey, being around $55 AU at Benefit Counters, and all shades are VERY yellow based. 

Packaging - This foundation has sleek, clear plastic packaging with a frosted, matte finish. It has a pump, and when you dispense the product, a device inside pushes the remaining product to the top. There is no wastage at all with this product because of this. Unlike most traditional foundations with a pump, which product gets left over and wasted in the bottle. The bottle itself is very lightweight. 

Formula - This foundation is very, very runny and thin. It doesn't have a scent I could particular pick up on. This foundation would probably not be very good for combination/oily silk types it is very dewy. All the foundations in this line are very yellow based, so be aware of that and keep it in mind if you're considering purchasing this product. I do not find that this product oxides on me at all. This foundation is not particularly long wearing, even on dry skin types as it is so thin and extremely dewy. This feels like you're wearing nothing on the skin, it doesn't weigh you down and doesn't look or feel cakey.

Coverage - This provides a light/medium coverage when first applied, and when built upon, can become medium to full coverage. It is very easy to layer as the formula is so thin.  
The photo below shows one thin layer on one side of my face, you can also see how yellow the product is. 

The next shows my whole face covered in one thin layer. It looks very natural and skin like, as some imperfections still poke through. 

The next photo shows my whole face with two thin layers, and definitely medium to full coverage.

Finish - This is definitely an extremely dewy finish foundation. I would not recommend this at all to those who have oily/combination skin. I feel this would only work for normal to dry skin types. This foundation gives you a beautiful healthy glow to the skin, and makes you look very radiant without looking oily. 

Overall, this is a beautiful foundation for those who have dry to normal skin, but I would stear clear of it if you don't.  If you love a nice, dewy finish foundation that won't feel cakey or heavy on the skin, this one is for you.

Thanks for reading. X

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